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Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
Our collections are now available at BOTHO in Tübingen - Beim Nonnenhaus 7
knitwear design process with knitted swatches and samples

Our creativity manifests as design at the point where nature, people, and process meet.

Our design process is dynamic and collaborative in nature, and continues to develop, as the relationship between RANI & REINE and Kullvi WHIMS deepens.

We strive to promote a balance between valuing traditional knowledge and fostering creative innovation.

Each garment that we design in collaboration with Kullvi WHIMS has been developed in a way that:

1) Respects and upholds traditional knowledge by including elements that already exist (e.g. A particular skill, a garment type, a motif) while incorporating new and innovative techniques. 

2) Fosters creativity and skill development

3) Attributes authorship to the artisan  

Artisan woman in India proudly shares her knitted shawl design

RANI & REINE provides design support for sizing and fit, drape, durability, and to a certain extent, colour pairing. We do introduce new techniques and designs, however we strive to step back as much as possible within the design process and encourage the artisans to create their own original designs. 

Each textile contains within it the story of an artisan, a community of shepherds and a slower way of making.

Embodied within the fibre itself lies the essence of the mountains, the sky, the rivers and the valleys.