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Parikshit Rao

Parikshit Rao is an editorial + commercial photographer. His portfolio – with a focus on travel, food, interiors, portrait and documentary photography – is as diverse as his clients – including international creative agencies, local hospitality brands and cultural and literary journals alike. After a decade in the publishing and media industry, he now lives in the Kullu Valley pursuing personal projects within the mountains alongside commercial assignments across India.

In the Fall of 2020, Rani & Reine initiated a collaboration with Parikshit to document the artisans of Kullvi WHIMS. He produced a beautiful collection of images and dialogue with the artisans, documenting the women and their craft, which are featured on our website and instagram

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Artisan woman in India spins indigenous sheep wool with a wooden spindle

Parikshit's stunning image of Teji Devi spinning indigenous wool in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh.

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