Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
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Textured grey stone flower carved into wall in India

Rani /ˈrɑː.niː/ रानी Hindi (noun) 

A queen or princess 

Reine /reɪn/ French (noun)


We named our company after our two daughters - Rani, after our younger daughter (Avanishwari: Queen of the Earth in Hindi), and Reine, our elder daughter.

We loved that the two names hold the same meaning, and that they represent our intercultural Indian and Canadian family and our business which exists between India and Europe.

We use the word queen to represent:

on one side

  • Our artisan partners: in particular, the skilled women artisans we work with.

and on the other side

  • the wearer, who embodies their love for natural and thoughtful textiles in the clothes they wear, with confidence.

Reine also means pure (fem.) in German - which represents the natural fibres we use to create our garments, starting with wool.


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