Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
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Access to Meaningful Work

Rural women in Himachal Pradesh have limited access to meaningful and sustainable income opportunities, and Kullvi WHIMS offers an option for women who enjoy making textiles outside of creating for their own needs, by connecting the artisans with local and international markets where their skill and craftsmanship is valued. 

RANI & REINE initiated a collaboration with Kullvi WHIMS in 2018 to design an exclusive collection of accessories and homewares using indigenous Himalayan wool. 

Woman artisan reaches while knitting with giant ball of handspun pure sheep wool in tailor shop
artisan woman in India measures a grey wool legwarmer she knit in her kitchen

Steps Forward

The women of Kullvi WHIMS have recently created an experimental collection of indigenous Himalayan wool scarves and blankets, woven by hand on traditional racch and khaddi looms.

Coordinated by Nisha Subramaniam and textile designer Saumya Singh, the project’s vision was to retain the weaving techniques used in traditional pattus and blankets, while incorporating the fibres and natural dye colours of the local mountains and meadows.

During the 50's and 60's, cheap and practical synthetic yarns arrived in the local markets, and artisans began to incorporate these petroleum-based yarns into their weaving and knitting. Today, this yarn continues to be used on the loom for the vertical warp threads, often combined with local wool in the horizontal weft threads, and the bright chemically dyed colours are used for eye-catching motifs and borders, for example in shawls, pattus (traditional wrap dress) and socks. 

Creating completely natural fibre textiles and taking steps to re-establish a demand for local indigenous wool is a momentous step forward in the continuing evolution of heritage craft in Himachal Pradesh.

We are excited to support this development, and will be featuring a collection of 100% wool handwoven home goods in our first collection this Fall, Deodar by RANI & REINE.

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Skill Development Fund

The indigenous Himalayan wool weaving project was funded by the Kullvi WHIMS skill development fund. RANI & REINE pays a 20% surcharge on all Kullvi WHIMS orders, which is collected into the fund and used for continuing education, skill development, travel and the purchase of tools and supplies.

elder artisan woman in India pulls on a natural wool warp for traditional handloom weaving
 artisan woman in India weaves on a traditional loom in Himachal Pradesh with natural dyed yellow wool

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