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Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
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sunrise over mountain tops in Himachal Pradesh India


Rani & Reine was born out of a desire to incorporate traditional handcrafted Indian textiles, via a transparent and sustainable farm to frock supply chain, into beautiful garments for textile lovers.


To foster inclusivity and empowerment at every stage of our supply chain and beyond, to form a global community of producers, makers and wearers who, together, choose to make a positive impact on the environment and within our world.


A seed, a splash of pigment, the echo of a loom.

Fabric swirls, embraces. Wool, nurtures with its warmth.

The interplay between natural fibre, colour and texture.

The magic of handmade. 

From farm to frock, it is this depth of story that makes our clothing so special.

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