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Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
Our collections are now available at BOTHO in Tübingen - Beim Nonnenhaus 7

Stars crossed......

We met in 2008, sharing a love of music, food and textiles.

Arindam was working on a PhD in neuroscience. Born in Assam, India, he’d moved to Ontario, Canada in 2005 for his studies. Sarah, born in British Columbia, Canada, was about to return to university, and was raising two young children in Ontario.

We travelled to India together for the first time in 2011. The land, the cloth and the continued practice of making by hand, interwoven into the daily rituals of life left a deep impression on Sarah. 

Land. People. Process.

After returning to Canada, the seeds of an idea began to grow.

Over the next nine years; a wedding, the birth of two more children, and a move to Germany. Relying on savings, we travelled to India three more times, with kids in tow.

That initial spark of an idea led us to visit handloom weavers, spinners, natural dyers, silk rearers, block printers, jewellers and knitters from Himachal to Hyderabad, Kolkata to the Kachcch Desert and many places in between.

We learned everything we could about various craft traditions in India, fuelled by our passion for textiles and craft.

During our 2018 and 2019 trips, we established partnerships with the organizations we would design our first collections with. 


Sunlight filters through from above onto balconies at Adalaj Stepwell Gujarat India
magnified rustic brown and cream coloured indigenous Indian pure sheep wool

Our first collection launches in Fall 2021, crafted by Kullvi WHIMS, a group of 9 women artisans in Himachal Pradesh, who spin, knit and weave with local indigenous wool.


Collaborating with highly skilled artisans in India to create unique and beautiful natural fibre clothing and handknit woollens.

People + Process / Connect + Create

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