Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
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a weaving loom in west bengal

A weaver weaves kora (undbleached, undyed) fabric on a pit loom in West Bengal

Our collaboration with Guin Handloom, a family run handloom fabric company based in West Bengal, began in June 2021.

West Bengal is famed for its traditional weaving techniques, fine muslins, unique motifs and highly skilled spinners and weavers, with specific weaves dating back as far as the 15th century.

Guin's weavers produced the muslin for our Beach Frock as well as the beautiful plain weaves in naturally dyed reds and browns for our first collection. 

handloom fabrics from west bengal india

Our Handspun and Handwoven fabric from West Bengal arrives at our manufacturing partner's stitching unit

As a child, Somnath Guin would wake to the clacking sounds of the looms.

A family of weavers, his Grandfather, Father and Uncles would weave in the family home, selling the fabrics at local markets in West Bengal during the nineties under his Father's name, Matilal Guin. 

bobbins for weaving in west bengal

Bobbins filled with kora yarn (unbleached, undyed) in West Bengal

In 2017, Somnath and his Father formed Guin Handloom together.

They now employ 70-80 weavers who specialize in both silk and cotton weaving, as well as Jamdani - a regional technique with intricate geometric motifs. Generally the men do the weaving, and the women do the spinning and bobbin-winding.

The Jamdani weaver's main income is derived from weaving, while the silk and plain cotton weavers combine farming and weaving for their livelihood. The weavers weave from their homes in remote rural villages, approximately 100 kms from Somnath's hometown.

a woman spinning on a charkha in west bengal

Anima uses a charkha to wind bobbins for the warp. 

Somnath studied Geography in College.

"Many people hope for government jobs after graduation, but the way things are these days, I instead decided to join the family business. It was already established, and I had been surrounded by traditional weaving since childhood. It's what I knew."

Somnath now oversees production and orders, travelling between his village and the weaver's villages, delivering new orders and picking up completed ones. His father works with the weavers, overseeing aspects of the craft and design development. 

Tutul weaves on a pit loom in West Bengal 

naturally dyed handloom fabric in west bengal india

Our fabric, straight off the loom, naturally dyed with madder root, hung to dry in the breeze after washing. 

winding a warp in west bengal

 Winding the warp - the vertical threads on a loom - from many spindles.