Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
Our collections are now available at BOTHO in Tübingen - Beim Nonnenhaus 7


RANI & REINE curates collections of natural fibre clothing using handcrafted fabrics from various regions in India. Our cloth, consciously crafted and intentionally formed to embrace the human body in its beauty, carries the essence of nature, maker and process.

Deodar by RANI & REINE

Our first collection of wool accessories and homewares have been crafted by hand by the 9 women of Kullvi WHIMS, who have formed a grassroots artisan self help group in the village of Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, India. 

The hilltop village is known for its 15th century castle, beautiful temples and the Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery and Museum. Surrounded by forested Himalayan mountain peaks, it overlooks the lush valley below, and the rushing waters of the river Beas (/beɪˈɑːs/). Many families in Naggar own and run commercial apple orchards.

We have chosen to craft our products using local sheep's wool, indigenous to the region where our artisan partners live, raised by local pastoralist shepherd communities.

The warmth and protection that natural wool fabric provides has always been a necessity for fending off the snowy winter cold and the rain-drenched monsoon typical of this mountainous region. Many people still possess the varied skills to make wool textiles by hand.

The collaboration between Rani & Reine and Kullvi WHIMS aims to bolster the rebuilding of rural networks between the local shepherd communities and the village artisans in the Kullu Valley, putting local indigenous wool back in the spotlight, and building a thriving rural natural fibre and craft economy.