Fabrics that echo the landscapes of their origin
Our collections are now available at BOTHO in Tübingen - Beim Nonnenhaus 7

We have two very very special events that are part of Kulturnacht Tübingen on the 11th of May.

The shows will be featuring RANI & REINE designs, but also designs from Seatile Neyrinck, co-owner of BOTHO and owner of Pelo Yaka - a locally designed and stitched brand. The clothing will be worn by models from our community, and we have incorporated some exciting original music that has been composed specifically for the events.

Sabeth wearing the Float Dress and one of our indigo dyed muslin shawls.

Fashion Show: I am because we are


Saturday May 11th; 20:30 p.m.

Rittersaal am Schloß

Part I: Beyond Borders

Rani & Reine

Part II: Identity Pelo Yaka

Seah and I are going to knock your socks off. Do not miss this one.

Seatile Neyrinck from PELO YAKA - stitched in Tübingen

Laura Conte and Noemi Fulli from Masckara Theater, and Anne Reder modelling R & R. 


A dialogue between fashion and death

Theatre and Fashion Show


Saturday May 11th, 10:45 p.m.

Marktplatz Tübingen

If you missed the show in October at the PACT Festival, you've got a second chance. The show is captivating, thought provoking and inspiring! We are so excited to have the opportunity to share our work with you a second time.


Noemi Fulli & Laura Conte, Masckara Theater

A note from Sarah on the original music prepared for the shows:

From an early stage in my life I studied music, first from my parents and then in University and semi-professionally before ultimately choosing to stay home with my family until I started Rani & Reine in 2021.

Music of course does not disappear from somebody, and it has always been in the background as something I wished to focus on again. I have been collecting sounds from my travels for the past few years - weaving looms, spinning wheels, birds, voices, water, sheep - anything that struck my ear as interesting - to then put together into musical soundscapes that tell the story of our fabrics, to bring you closer to the makers and the land where the cotton and wool comes from.

I debuted my first composition in October, in a theater/fashion show at the PACT festival - this same show will be presented at Kulturnacht this Saturday. I enjoyed creating music so much, I continued on and created more for the launch of our newest collection, which will slowly become available online.

This newest piece will be presented in the Fashion Show 'I am because we are' on Saturday. I am also very pleased to have created a third piece for the Pelo Yaka Show - if you are able to attend, it will be premiered during the show.

These two shows could not be possible without our collaboration with Kune Arts, a local artist collective who are organizing the event, and we are also very happy to be listed as part of the Fairstrickt Aktionswoche, for our work in sustainable fashion in garment supply chains.