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Rani & Reine

Coaster set-Handwoven wool-Light multi small diamond-OOAK

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Rani & Reine

Coaster set-Handwoven wool-Light multi small diamond-OOAK

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Our beautiful collection of handwoven wool drink coasters come in sets of 4, in hand picked colourways. Each set is one of a kind.

If you love earthy neutral tones as much as we do, these are for you. Fun to mix and match, they'll look great under your favourite mug. 

Each one of our wool products is crafted by hand by the artisan women of Kullvi WHIMS in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, using locally sourced wool from sheep that graze in the surrounding mountains. You will find beautiful variations in yarn thickness and colour in these handmade pieces, making each unique and one of a kind.




Each coaster is the result of a creative design process - most are one of a kind, and a few pairs were also made. You will find some recurring motifs across colourways. These coasters feature combinations of seven different tonal colours found in the local indigenous sheep's wool in Himachal Pradesh - either the natural colour of the sheep's wool, or by mixing light and dark wools together. 

When we visited the village of Naggar in 2019 to meet and work with the artisans of Kullvi WHIMS, we noticed a few handwoven swatches in the big pile of knittted and crocheted textiles they had brought in to show us.

They were samples for traditional shawl borders, but the women had made them in 5 inch squares, just the right size for drink coasters. The patterns were magical, and we asked if they'd make us a set. We couldn't be happier with the result!

Weavers in Himachal Pradesh often use acrylic yarn for the vertical threads that are used to warp the loom. We had hoped to work towards converting the warps back to wool, as was traditionally used, creating a bio-degradable textile, and increasing demand for locally sourced wool.  It worked, and this is our first 100% wool handwoven textile from Kullvi WHIMS. 

Read more about this collaboration.

Lata and Indra took up the task to weave these by hand. They designed each motif and chose the colour combinations, weaving on a traditional portable khaddi loom. This loom is traditionally used to weave the brightly coloured borders for the iconic men's topi hats worn in Himachal Pradesh. 


Fibre: 100% wool (Desi), undyed

Designed by: Lata and Indra

Handspun by: Teji Devi

Plied by: Palmo

Handwoven by: Lata and Indra using a traditional Himachali Khaddi Loom

The yarn for approximately 12 coasters takes Teji Devi 2 hours to spin and Palmo 30 minutes to twist two strands together into a plied yarn. Each coaster took approximately 3 hours to weave. 


Each coaster measures approximately 4.5" (11.5 cm) wide x 5" (12.75 cm) long.

There is variation in length and width, measurements are approximate. 

The cotton carrying bag measures 7" (17.75 cm) wide x 9.25" (23.5 cm) high.


Spot clean without rubbing. Handwash in cool water, lay flat to dry in shade. Do not agitate. For more information, visit our care page.

All of our garments come in a protective muslin bag, stitched by the women of Kruti, in the village of Mulshi, Maharashtra. Kruti, a stitching unit run by Anubhuti Social Foundation, provides employment opportunities to women in rural communities, by implementing training programs in tailoring.

Meet the artisans.

Learn more about our process.

*Colours will appear differently with varied lighting and screens.