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Rani & Reine

NEW!!! Diamond Cable Wrist Warmers - Handspun Wool - Oat

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Rani & Reine

NEW!!! Diamond Cable Wrist Warmers - Handspun Wool - Oat

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These Diamond Cable wrist warmers are the perfect little something to keep your wrists cozy during the colder months - indoors and out.

They are interchangeable and can be worn in two different ways - with the wider cable ribbing or the narrower plain ribbing at the wrist. They sit nicely over the hand, to keep out the chill, without being restrictive in any way.

They come in white, a deep charcoal grey and our rare tawny oat.

You-Shan pairs these with our Diamond Cable Slouch Hat also in oat, in our new Large size. If you are looking for a set - we can colour match for you, as there is colour variation between pieces.

Our oatmeal yarn is very rare and only available in small quantities - there are just a handful of sheep with this lovely reddish tone, and each year, we get just a small quantity of this beautiful colour which is then used sparingly in as many designs as we can muster. These sheep are called 'lal' which translates to 'red' - I'll pop an image in below so you can see what they look like :)

Each hat is crafted by hand by the artisan women of Kullvi WHIMS in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh. We've incorporated our softest wool, from a local breed of sheep raised just a few hours from where our artisans live. You will find beautiful variation in yarn thickness and colour in these handmade pieces, making each pair unique.




A new addition to our Diamond Cable Collection - these wrist warmers are an addition to our growing Diamond Cable Collection that was initially inspired by a pair of legwarmers.

The original leg warmers were designed by Neema. They had arrived in the original sample box sent to us by our artisan partners in March 2019. We first added a hat to the collection, and now these wrist warmers. 


Fibre: 100% wool (Lahauli), undyed

Designed by: Neema

Handspun by: Teji Devi

Handknit by: Kullvi WHIMS


Approximately 3.75-4" (9.5 - 10 cm) wide x 7-7.5" (17.75 - 19 cm) long, measured flat.

You-Shan is 4'11" (150 cm) tall, with a palm circumference of 6.5" (16.5 cm), and a wrist to fingertip length of 6.4" (16.25 cm)

Handwash in cool water, lay flat to dry in shade. Do not agitate. For more information, visit our care page.

All of our garments come in a protective muslin bag, stitched by the women of Kruti, in the village of Mulshi, Maharashtra. Kruti, a stitching unit run by Anubhuti Social Foundation, provides employment opportunities to women in rural communities, by implementing training programs in tailoring.

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*Colours will appear differently with varied lighting and screens.