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Rani & Reine

Triangle Shawl - Handspun Wool - Off-White

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Rani & Reine

Triangle Shawl - Handspun Wool - Off-White

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The perfect year-round transitional piece - this shawl can be worn on cool summer evenings, layered in the Fall and wrapped under your winter coat to keep out the cold. Wrap in multiple ways, draped around your shoulders, assymetrical, and with the point at the front. 

Each of our wool accessories is crafted by hand by the artisan women of Kullvi WHIMS in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, incorporating locally sourced wool from sheep who graze high in the mountain passes throughout the year. You will find beautiful variation in yarn thickness and colour in these handmade pieces, making each unique and one of a kind.


In 2019, when we first travelled to visit and work with the women of KULLVI whims, we brought along a few techniques to try out. One of those techniques was creating a triangle shaped shawl, into which knitted lace motifs could be inserted. The women left after the workshop, and arrived back the next day with 9 different mini-shawls, complete with perfectly balanced motifs, and various borders added on. No small feat, this is a testament to a high level of skill.

We hadn't planned on doing larger garments like shawls right away. But when the pandemic hit, and the women were stuck at home with lots of wool at hand - we asked for a shawl sample. Kusum took up the task, and produced the squishiest, blanketiest hug of a shawl. There are two different triangle motifs in the body of the shawl, set between bands of textured stitches, with the triangles being further echoed in the border.

The first sample arrived in October, and Sarah wore it straight through 'til June.


Fibre: 100% wool (Lahauli) Undyed.

Designer: Kusum

Handspun by: Teji Devi

Handknit by: Sapna and Lata


Approximately 72" wide x 35" deep, size varies

Sruthi is 5’11” (180 cm) tall.

May-Li is 5’ 9” (175 cm) tall.

Prathibha is 5'4" (163 cm) tall.

Sarah is 5' 9" (175 cm) tall.

Handwash in cool water, lay flat to dry in shade. Do not agitate. For more information, visit our care page.

All of our garments come in a protective muslin bag, stitched by the women of Kruti, in the village of Mulshi, Maharashtra. Kruti, a stitching unit run by Anubhuti Social Foundation, provides employment opportunities to women in rural communities, by implementing training programs in tailoring.

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*Colours will appear differently with varied lighting and screens.