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Rani & Reine

Handwoven Shawl - Kala Cotton - Cutch Stripe

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Rani & Reine

Handwoven Shawl - Kala Cotton - Cutch Stripe

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Our oversize Kala cotton handwoven shawls are perfect for meditation, curling up with a book, or as a beach cover-up, and feature a delightful hand-tied pompom fringe. 

Kala cotton, an indigenous rainfed cotton grown in the Kachchh desert of Gujarat, creates a medium weight fabric with a soft hand and a wonderful drape. Natural slubs give the fabric a beautiful depth of character, and a sprinkling of specks woven in from the cotton plant tell the story from soil to shawl.

This shawl is made of the purest of cotton, unbleached, with a minimalist stripe pattern using naturally dyed yarn dyed with Cutch (Catechu), an extract from Acacia Catechu wood. 

Also available in Indigo Dot and Cutch Dot.

Worn with our Float Dress in Indigo, and our Beach Frock Mini.

*All of our products are limited edition, and are custom dyed, woven and stitched by hand in micro batches. 



Memories of Home in Summer

Our Debut Collection

A collection of ten coordinated pieces that are custom dyed, woven and stitched by hand in micro batches in fabrics that tell stories.

Rani & Reine was born out of a desire to incorporate traditional handcrafted Indian textiles, via a transparent and sustainable supply chain, into beautiful garments for textile lovers and aesthetes of all shapes and sizes.

Our designs seek to bring the wearer comfort, freedom of movement and a chance to experience the beauty of thoughtfully crafted handmade textiles.

The palette and motifs were inspired by the flora, fauna and landscapes in India; the reds of blooming Gulmohar trees (Delonix Regia) with their rich brown seed pods, intertwining allamanda vines (Ghonta Phool) with its luscious yellow blossoms, a lemon pansy butterfly alighting on a hibiscus in a garden.

Seaside and river scenes are captured through an old lens. The muted and veiled tones of early colour and black and white photography set the mood. A sun-bleached castle ruin against an indigo sky offers up texture and colour.


A seed, a splash of pigment, the echo of a loom.

Fabric swirls, embraces. 

The interplay between natural fibre, colour and texture.

The magic of handmade. 


Fibre: 100% cotton (Kala)

Kala cotton is an indigenous rainfed cotton from the arid Kachchh region of Gujarat, India. It is farmed without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Natural Dye: Cutch (Catechu), dyed in Kachchh, India.

Fabric: Spun on an Ambar Charkha and handwoven in Kachchh, India. 

Details: Large shawl with a narrow stripe pattern on an unbleached cotton background, hand tied pom poms. Tiny brown flecks scattered across the fabric tells the story of the farming and harvesting of the cotton. The cotton was grown and processed in the same community where it was spun, dyed and woven.

Handwoven by our partners in Kachchh, India - Karghewale works with 150 young weaver entrepreneurs, most of whom are graduates of WomenWeave’s The Handloom School.

Designed in Germany.




Approximately 37" x 86" (94 cms x 218 cms)


You-Shan is 4'11" (150 cm) tall

Chu is 5'9" (173 cm) tall

Wash by hand or machine wash gentle cycle in cool water using a pH neutral detergent. Dry in shade. For detailed information, visit our care page


All of our garments come in a protective muslin bag, stitched by the women of Kruti, in the village of Mulshi, Maharashtra. Kruti, a stitching unit run by Anubhuti Social Foundation, provides employment opportunities to women in rural communities, by implementing training programs in tailoring.

*Colours will appear differently with varied lighting and screens.