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Rani & Reine

Handwoven Organic Cotton Shawl - Seed to Weave - Indigo Braid

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Rani & Reine

Handwoven Organic Cotton Shawl - Seed to Weave - Indigo Braid

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A large floaty summer wrap of handwoven unbleached organic cotton. The simple indigo border with a decorative braid motif makes for a simple classic look, while the unbleached natural cotton tells the story of seed to weave, the journey of the cotton from the farmer's fields to the weaver's loom. Hand tied fringe. 

The unbleached cotton has a rustic structured hand, which will soften with wear and washing. 

Our oversize shawls are perfect for meditation, curling up with a book, or as a beach cover-up, as well as being light enough to style in multiple ways with your favourite outfits.

We have two of these, one with a red braid and one with a yellow braid. Both are one of a kind. 

Sabeth pairs it with our Float Dress and Boat Pant, and Chu pairs it with our Boat Pant and a white tank top.

*All of our products are limited edition, and are naturally dyed, woven and stitched by hand in micro batches. 



This shawl is traceable from seed to weave: The cotton for this shawl was grown and processed 60 kms from where it was spun, dyed and woven by our partners in Wardha, Maharashtra.

The cotton is farmed by small scale farmers who choose to grow their cotton without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The ambar charkhas (small 8 spindle mechanized spinning units) used to spin the yarn for this collection of shawls are solar powered, eliminating the physical labour required to wind the charkhas by hand.

We visited Magan Khadi in March 2022, and brought back a small selection of their beautiful shawls to share. To learn more about our journey, read our Journal



Fibre: 100% cotton (organic)

Natural Dye: Indigo 

Fabric: Solar powered ambar charkha spun and woven by hand in Maharashtra, India. 

Details: Unbleached lightweight organic cotton, and a simple indigo stripe and braid border design. Hand tied fringe.



Red Braid: 34.5 in x 95 in (88 cm x 242 cm)

Yellow Braid: 36 in x 94.5 in (92 cm x 240 cm)

Sabeth is 

Chu is 5'9" (173 cm) tall 

Wash by hand or machine wash gentle cycle in cool water using a pH neutral detergent. Dry in shade. Iron. For detailed information, visit our care page


All of our garments come in a protective muslin bag, stitched by the women of Kruti, in the village of Mulshi, Maharashtra. Kruti, a stitching unit run by Anubhuti Social Foundation, provides employment opportunities to women in rural communities, by implementing training programs in tailoring.

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*Colours will appear differently with varied lighting and screens.